Smack Talk! started out life as a competition entry on YouTube in 2010!

The channel SquaredCircle1 (now known as "EnterTheArena Uncut") was looking for a name.

Our owner, Rich, was in the process of opening his first business
(Beat This! Drum Store, the first drum and percussion specialist on the Isle of Wight.)

Not only did Rich submit the name, but he made a short promo clip, including 3D-modelled ring, logo and more! Despite this, the name didn't win. However, something resonated in Rich that day. Something which would shape the course of things to come.

Original Logo

Fast-forward to 2015. Rich, along with artist and close friend Gaz Bloomfield (find his work here @idolmind), attended a Revolution Pro Wrestling show, MAYhem, in Portsmouth, UK.

From then on, the idea to resurrect Smack Talk! as a YouTube channel came to pass. Gaz and Rich both worked to create their first video, a "What If?" story to answer the question "What if Marty Jannetty superkicked Shawn Michaels instead?".

The video gathered over 1000 views, sparking the creative urge even more. However, both worked full time and found it difficult to make time to create content on a regular basis.

It was during this time that the idea of making tee shirts came to be. Gaz would draw the artwork, while Rich would colour and layout the designs.

Then, in January 2018, Rich went to Japan for Wrestle Kingdom 12. While he was there, Rich, Matt, Mark, David and Andrew formed the Gaijin Club..

After spending the evening of January 5th at New Years Dash, they went to TGI Fridays and here, Gaijin Club met Bullet Club!

Conversations were had and the groups parted ways.

This would be a pretty awesome way to end the story, right?

Well, buckle up, it gets better!

Gaijin Club and Bullet Club
Me with Cody and Brandi

In May of 2018, Revolution Pro Wrestling advertised their MAYhem event in Portsmouth.

3 years to the day after Rich attended his first Rev Pro show. Cody was main eventing right on his doorstep! The opportunity was too good to miss. He created his "Propaganda" shirt art (being held in the photo!), with the intention of seeking Cody's permission to sell it on the Smack Talk! site he was building. Cody loved the art and asked if Rich had considered selling it to Pro Wrestling Tees.

The rest, as they say, is history!